Our philosophy is based upon a biopsychosocial model of medicine. Interventions target the biological, psychological and social issues that impact upon negative functioning. This model is a way of looking at the mind and body of a client as two important systems that are linked together to view “the whole person, family or system.” Therefore interventions are designed to be as functional as possible. Since children learn best through play experiences the Aaron Center provides most therapy services in a play environment. One-on-one individual therapy may be provided, however, its purpose is to enhance specific skills that will be integrated into a play environment or a natural everyday family/school/community routine. Family members are encouraged to participate in these sessions to make them active facilitators in rehabilitation. The Aaron center’s staff members, and volunteers assist families and individuals reach their goals whether it is to have a few hours of fun together, or work on specific therapeutic goals that help people function better when they leave the center.

Dr. Aaron Beck is the inspiration behind the Aaron Center. Dr. Beck changed the course of psychotherapy when he conceptualized and put into practice the Cognitive Therapy model of intervention. The key difference between Cognitive Therapy and other types of therapy is that Cognitive Therapy addresses the present, and promotes problem-solving skills in one’s day-to-day life experiences. Another important aspect of Dr. Beck’s work is the emphasis on the establishment of a working alliance between a therapist, client and/or family. The Aaron Center staff has implemented Dr. Beck’s philosophy by designing an environment where therapists/staff and clients work together to solve problems by forming goals, session agendas, and by charting progress towards these goals. Assignments and tasks are developed with clients to provide opportunities to further develop skills needed to meet established goals whether these goals relate to parents learning how to enhance their childs' development and behavior or where individuals work towards assessing how thought patterns influence emotional responses.


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